Can Class Seating “Change” Students’ Attention?

Courtesy of Associated Press.
Courtesy of Associated Press.



In recent news, a teacher is making major changes and getting full attention from her students in an unusual way; what’s her secret? Her secret is having her students use yoga balls instead of chairs. Yes, yoga balls. To read more about Robbi Giuliano’s attempt to engage her students during classroom time, click the link below.

What do you think are the benefits or disadvantages?  Please share your thoughts!


To Cursive? Or Not To Cursive? That Is The Question.

Greetings Fellow Bookworms!

Hope all is well  and have had the pleasure of enjoying this beautiful weather as of late! A couple of weeks ago, I read an article from The Wall Street Journal I’d like to share with you all and would also love to hear feedback on. For most East Coast schools, they have taken out Cursive from their curriculum and although there has been signs of relief from students,  it begs the question… Is Cursive important to learn? and what does it say about our society? As of now, California is pending to accept the idea. Below is the link to read the article.

What are your thoughts?

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(At our shop’s 18th Anniversary showing these young ladies the art of puppetry)

My name is Nicole Goltiao, and yes if you guessed correctly, I am indeed the daughter of Leonard & Kelli Orona, founders of  The Bookworm Educational Supply Store in Vallejo. I had the privilege of growing up in our family business at a young age and the lessons learned through it all will forever be priceless.

My parents taught me that there’s nothing but possibilities in life but it was up to me to take the first step with the help of education. Education is empowerment and learning is constant. Learning those words of wisdom allowed me to understand the importance of education and ultimately my love to help others.

     The business allowed me to meet people from all over the world and recognize the commonality we all have; desiring better opportunities and future through learning. It has been a true blessing to see customers who have been with us from the beginning to now seeing them bring in their children or grandchildren! Last September, we celebrated our 18th year in business and we hope to continue on to reach our 20th!

    Notes from a Bookworm essentially are notes from me, this “Bookworm.” My hope is it will be a beginning of a positive virtual “community” for our customers and those who simply love to learn. Periodically check in to see what we will discuss about from current issues in education to fun ways for your child to learn at home.


Nicole Goltiao


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