Tips on How to Keep Knowledge & Learning “Fresh ” Part II

Hello Again!

    As I had promised, this is part II of the series of product suggestions and community programs available in our community to keep things “fresh”!  For most students, this week is the last week of school! This can be exciting and/or a relief to students because in their minds, summer has officially started!

 This week, we have already seen our regulars and new customers come in to begin their quest in finding the right materials for their child(ren) to keep busy yet educational over the summer. The Bookworm enjoys being part of your summer and hearing how the products we carry has helped at home!  To add to my previous list (from my last post), here are some more suggestions of new products that are sure to make learning fun! 



These magnetic poetry kits are wonderful for home or on- the-go! Already contained in  a travel friendly side metal box, 500 magnetized words & word fragments are ready to  go! There are endless possibilities and funny sentences or even stories that have yet to  be created! We carry multiple themes of magnetic poetry kits and for example as shown  above, this is great for students learning or mastering Spanish! This can help master  new vocabulary and review sentence structure in the Spanish language! Even if your  child is fluent, this can also be great way to simply be creative in writing! Another fun tip  whether using the Spanish or English series, use a timer  for 30 seconds or longer depending on student’s age and see how imaginative one can get!



spacevoyageOur educational games cover a wide variety of subjects and topics! From reading comprehension concepts such as “context clues” or learning fractions using pizza slices, our selection is worth a look. If you happen to have your child’s report card and noticed certain areas that were in need of review, using educational games can be another way to build up those skills! Your child may even find this as a nice reprieve from their workbooks.



    Have you visited our science section lately? This corner in our shop can give  you some hands on fun and some kits are even meant to enjoy the  fresh  outdoors! 



   I will always have an infinite love for posters because they are inexpensive and full of color making it appealing to little eyes. I recently bought some posters myself to put on the wall in my daughter’s room. Although she’s a year and a half, I find these posters like the alphabet poster as a great way for me to start encouraging her to learn aside from our regular reading.  I interact with her by putting the poster to her reaching height so she can touch the poster and can sing to her while I point to the “A-B-Cs.” Already, I at times find her going on her own pointing to the letters and images that accompany each letter. It’s pretty remarkable how even these posters have already made an impression on her!

From alphabet to solar system, you will be surprised by our poster selection! Learning off the wall can be fun and easy on the wallet. 





   Starting June 27th! We will have story time with The Bookworm Lady starting at 11:00 a.m. in our reading section every Saturday for the summer! We will have this event for these following Saturdays: June 27th, July 11th, July 25th, August 1st, and August 15th! All other dates, we will have other in-store events so be sure to visit our website or follow us on Facebook for more information & times. 



The Bookworm is a huge advocate for programs like Inventor’s Lab and we  love spreading the news about this educational resource in Vallejo (a satellite  from The Lawrence Hall of Science in Berkeley) available to students and  families! They make science fun and we enjoy it when they visit us! Be sure to  visit their website to find more information about their events or where they  plan on visiting! Who knows, you might happen to see on their site about their plans to visit us on August 9th!! 🙂

I hope everyone has found these suggestions and tips helpful. If you are ever in need of other advice to help find materials appropriate for your child, drop by and we will be happy to help.

Have a great summer!

Summer Is On It’s Way! Tips On How To Keep Knowledge & Learning “Fresh”!


Although it’s hard to tell that summer is on it’s way with the weather we’ve been having lately, summer is around the corner! A child’s dream of school-less days approaching can also be a fear for parents! Yes, summers are meant for “fun in the sun” yet a lot of parents want to ensure their child(ren) doesn’t forget everything .

Where should a parent begin? Below are some product suggestions & services that are available in your community that can help take out the guess work and help make THIS  summer an opportunity to make Back-to-School not so scary. I will also try to add a part II to this post for other product suggestions & resources.


  These workbooks (in-store) are a great starting point to help one’s child continue to remember what was learned from the previous school year and prepare for the coming school year! Most of these workbooks are available from PreK to 8th and divide the workload “daily”  and also create weekly goals (this is where you can be creative with incentives)! Flashcards are included and all workbooks are multiple subjects. 


     “Smarty Pants” Brain Building Cards are great for travel in case you can’t bring your workbook (but if you can, great!). This can be a wonderful way to informally review facts, puzzles, and games while on a road trip and the whole family can participate in! If you have more than one child, encourage the oldest to help the youngest by having them ask the questions, or for the oldest? Parents can be the one asking questions! Taking turns while learning can really be fun! 


 Flash Cards are inexpensive and effective! What I like most about flashcards is you don’t have to go through ALL of them in one sitting, but create portions to review daily. If, for example, there are multiplication facts that are still troublesome, only focus on those until your child can say the answer with ease! Multiplication is ultimately about memorization, so for those who may need a break from the workbook, use flashcards! We have other titles available in-store.    


     Join your local summer reading program! This faithful program available to all children & teens starting June 8th to August 8th!  a great way to encourage endless reading over the summer. Visit your local library and their staff can help you with finding books of interest and appropriate grade level to keep it interesting!


If your child simply needs his or her own copy of a book, visit us! 10% off on all hard-cover books. 

I hope you all find this post helpful and if you have questions, feel free to comment!  

Notes From A Bookworm Is Back!

Hello Everyone!

    Well it has been a while since I have last written but grant it, I have been a busy Bookworm! As I started this effort, Notes from a Bookworm, little did I know how much my world would change within a couple of months. My husband and I were expecting! My work schedule changed and a mini hiatus followed as I delved into the world of parenthood with my husband. We are happy parents of a NOW one year old girl who has made life all the better. Now as a Mama Bookworm, seeing my little Bookworm grow has been one of the most rewarding experiences 🙂 

My little one already developing a love for books (Courtesy of Manansala Photography)

My little one already developing a love for books (Courtesy of Manansala Photography)


   My hope is to continue where I have left off on sharing ideas, product information, even video clips that could be helpful with you and your child(ren) to make learning enjoyable and most importantly, FUN! 


Fun & Creative Ways To Master Multiplication

Oh Multiplication! How I remember the initial dread I had when my Mom told me I would have to learn them soon. Granted, I was home schooled at the time but I already knew that Multiplication was intimidating! Fortunately, my mother did find ways to help me overcome my fear of mastering all of the facts with a variety of products and most importantly consistency! Below are product suggestions that have been tried and true either from my experiences being a student to when I  tutored students in Math.

These items are found in-store at The Bookworm! Hopefully, these following product suggestions will help parents especially to those who are getting their child ready to master facts or trying to overcome the hardship of memorization of facts. 

Of course, a lot has changed when my Mom first opened the business as well as the products but what has continued to have staying power was a particular workbook I even had to use, Straight Forward Math-Multiplication from Garlic Press



     This book started off from 0’s and up with each page having 100 problems! My Mom made incentives to encourage me and eventually she began to ‘time’ me. Before I knew it, I was able to complete one sheet of 100 problems in a minute! 

   Another product I would suggest (and I wished I had when I was in school) is Rock n’ Learn’s Multiplication Rap! 



Along with learning with the Garlic Press Workbook, I had an ‘audio’ cassette that also had music but in Country. No offense to Country Music! It was catchy but not as catchy as this CD! I have had several students over the years who had trouble mastering facts but when we used this in class, I noticed a quick jump in how quick they were able to tell me answers when reviewing! It does come with a book so students can go along while listening to the CD. 


Learning Wrap Up’s Multiplication Manipulative

wrap ups

This is especially great for students who are highly engaged in learning when using ‘hands-on’ activities. Each “key” has all the facts for, let’s say “2’s,” and the string allows them to match facts to answers. Once they complete “wrapping facts,” students can flip over the key and see if the string “matches” the groove  that is imprinted on the back of the key! It’s self-correcting and compact, and is perfect to put in a backpack, car, or take anywhere!


Roll n’ Multiply involves strategy and reviewing facts!! It is like playing Tic-Tac-Toe only with a twist! This game gives the student the challenge of beating their opponent while learning his Multiplication facts at the same time!




 Multiplication is essentially memorization. Flashcards are another great way to help concentrate and master with visuals. These are also great to take anywhere but can easily be made into a game! Using a timer and allowing a student to answer as many as they can is fun and exciting! Sometimes only focusing on the facts that students have yet to master can be accomplished with constant repetition.

We have other great items in-store and know that each child learns differently. Be sure to visit us and ask one of our friendly associates to help you get ready for Mastering Multiplication!