Spring Craft for March and Changes Happening In-Store!


Wonderful for ages 2& up! We will have a NEW CRAFT that Saturday and children can drop in anytime!

We are planning another craft for April as well and in May, a Science Fun Day! Keep visiting our site for information as these future events get closer!

A Metamorphosis happening in-store! 


With springtime vastly approaching, it has inspired us to “change things up” around the shop! We will also have a butterfly display (real butterflies) coming soon. From a caterpillar to a butterfly, we will see all the changes happen in-store! We will let you all know when they come!

Our new “Little Savings” display- highlighting weekly sales in-store!

THIS WEEK ONLY! 35% OFF BABY BOOKS OF SELECT TITLES. What is on this display is 35% off so take advantage to save some $$!

IMG_3267Be sure to visit our Facebook or Instagram ( @vjobookworm) for what it also happening in the shop!