Summer Is On It’s Way! Tips On How To Keep Knowledge & Learning “Fresh”!


Although it’s hard to tell that summer is on it’s way with the weather we’ve been having lately, summer is around the corner! A child’s dream of school-less days approaching can also be a fear for parents! Yes, summers are meant for “fun in the sun” yet a lot of parents want to ensure their child(ren) doesn’t forget everything .

Where should a parent begin? Below are some product suggestions & services that are available in your community that can help take out the guess work and help make THIS  summer an opportunity to make Back-to-School not so scary. I will also try to add a part II to this post for other product suggestions & resources.


  These workbooks (in-store) are a great starting point to help one’s child continue to remember what was learned from the previous school year and prepare for the coming school year! Most of these workbooks are available from PreK to 8th and divide the workload “daily”  and also create weekly goals (this is where you can be creative with incentives)! Flashcards are included and all workbooks are multiple subjects. 


     “Smarty Pants” Brain Building Cards are great for travel in case you can’t bring your workbook (but if you can, great!). This can be a wonderful way to informally review facts, puzzles, and games while on a road trip and the whole family can participate in! If you have more than one child, encourage the oldest to help the youngest by having them ask the questions, or for the oldest? Parents can be the one asking questions! Taking turns while learning can really be fun! 


 Flash Cards are inexpensive and effective! What I like most about flashcards is you don’t have to go through ALL of them in one sitting, but create portions to review daily. If, for example, there are multiplication facts that are still troublesome, only focus on those until your child can say the answer with ease! Multiplication is ultimately about memorization, so for those who may need a break from the workbook, use flashcards! We have other titles available in-store.    


     Join your local summer reading program! This faithful program available to all children & teens starting June 8th to August 8th!  a great way to encourage endless reading over the summer. Visit your local library and their staff can help you with finding books of interest and appropriate grade level to keep it interesting!


If your child simply needs his or her own copy of a book, visit us! 10% off on all hard-cover books. 

I hope you all find this post helpful and if you have questions, feel free to comment!  

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