To Cursive? Or Not To Cursive? That Is The Question.

Greetings Fellow Bookworms!

Hope all is well  and have had the pleasure of enjoying this beautiful weather as of late! A couple of weeks ago, I read an article from The Wall Street Journal I’d like to share with you all and would also love to hear feedback on. For most East Coast schools, they have taken out Cursive from their curriculum and although there has been signs of relief from students,  it begs the question… Is Cursive important to learn? and what does it say about our society? As of now, California is pending to accept the idea. Below is the link to read the article.

What are your thoughts?

One Response to “To Cursive? Or Not To Cursive? That Is The Question.”

  1. Christina says:

    I remember learning cursive as a kid. It’s a great exercise in careful, deliberate handwriting. A low cost way to teach kids. Computers aren’t readily available to all kids, but a pencil and paper is all you need to develop cursive. It’s fun, too! By developing cursive one increases hand-eye coordination and learns how to view shapes. Each persons handwriting style is beautifully unique, like a fingerprint or snowflake and learning about kinetic handwriting helps children know their own unique voice. While you’re at it you can learn calligraphy, Sanskrit, Egyptian hyroglyphics, and Chinese or Japanese characters too. A great learning experience that requires an intelligence to execute. We should definitely continue teaching cursive.

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