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On Saturday, April 13th, The Lawrence Hall of Science Inventor’s Lab will be here!!!  They will show us fun and exciting ways on how Science is soo cool! It will part of our celebration for a new section in-store, “KiDSteIn’s Corner,” science kits and other educational items for the inner scientist!  Be sure to check our website regularly for more information!


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To Cursive? Or Not To Cursive? That Is The Question.

Greetings Fellow Bookworms!

Hope all is well  and have had the pleasure of enjoying this beautiful weather as of late! A couple of weeks ago, I read an article from The Wall Street Journal I’d like to share with you all and would also love to hear feedback on. For most East Coast schools, they have taken out Cursive from their curriculum and although there has been signs of relief from students,  it begs the question… Is Cursive important to learn? and what does it say about our society? As of now, California is pending to accept the idea. Below is the link to read the article.

What are your thoughts?